7in1 Full Face Face Mask V901



Harness Type:4 point

Primary Material‎:Silicone/Thermoplastic Elastomer

Product Series‎:Full Face 6800 Series

Product Type:Full Face Mask

Included items: 1 x Face Mask 2 x 3M 6001CN Organic Vapor Cartridge 2 x 3M 5N11 Particulate Cotton Filter 2 x 3M 501 Filter Cover


– Large lens provides a wide field of view for easier visibility

– Lightweight well-balanced design and silicone faceseal enhances comfort, durability and ease of cleaning

– Available in air-purifying and supplied air respirator modes * Center adapter directs exhaled breath downward to reduce fogging * provides cool, dry comfort to make breathing easier

– Protection of organic gases and vapours, such as benzene and its homologues, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, ethers, etc.


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