Optim Trade is international operations and sales partner to companies and governments around the world. We specialize new technologies (advanced engineering, biotechnology, etc.) and high skill sectors (financial services, legal services, etc..). Partners gain access to the relationships and practical on-the-ground knowledge that have been built by our team of over 60 sales and operations professionals over decades.


Optim Trading Company supplies modern products that adhere to the highest standard in both taste and quality.
In order to guarantee a stable quality and food safety, Our company proceeds from the specified standards upon the production of its goods. OPTIM company was created by created by the GMBH Associates Worldwide with main base in Ukraine.

  Moreover, we own international safety and quality certificates including CE . EFSIS is one of the leading global inspection and certification experts. EFSIS provides retailers, manufacturers, farmers and caterers throughout the world with expert inspection and certification of their operations to ensure only the highest standards are maintained. Optim trading company is proud to be awarded its highest award.